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6 min readJul 17, 2021

We’ve been getting a lot of team-related questions from within the community. So, now it is time to share a little bit more about us. We are a team of 6 people with varying backgrounds, skills, and experiences across a number of different industries. We know each other very well and have been working together for many years.

Mr. Tangle: Is telling the Story! (Fictive Character)

Born in the Tangle Sea, he has an amazing relationship with all other reef inhabitants. Even as a little octopus, he has built up a small fortune with his trading business.

To expand his thriving Tangle Sea enterprise, he has put together a team to build a next level decentralized marketplace!

He is the Operator of TangleSea!

Dr. Tangle: Product Engineering & Business Development

Dr. Tangle is a visionary engineer with a passion for everything relating to crypto, analytics, and innovative technologies. He is heavily involved in conceptually building the TangleSea platform and ecosystem.

He was shaped by a strong industry career and knows how to build and leverage business relationships and networks. He is always keeping up with the rapidly changing space, connecting the dots, and dealing with business development for TangleSea.

One of his beloved activities is to engage on our social media platforms and to stay in close touch with the community and our partners!

  • +10 years of professional industry experience (Fortune Global 200)
  • PhD. in International Management


Tangle Hank: Marketing Strategy & Design

Tangle Hank is all about bringing the deep tangle sea to life, capturing the emotions of our story within his designs before the chapters are even written. With 10+ years of industry experience in one of the world’s top 3 healthcare companies, he is strongly driven by the meaning behind his work, with a passionate dedication to the TangleSea product and its purpose.

Tangle Hank loves building strong recognizable brands and has his tentacles in every part of the TangleSea that meets the eye of the end user. With further experience in Marketing Strategy as a co-founder in a startup environment, he stays laser-focused on the long-term vision. Tangle Hank is constantly on the lookout for favorable currents to give us a boost without losing direction.

The best chance to find him is during one of the art events in his boutique mussel gallery, located in Central Tanglers Reef Road.

  • +10 years professional industry and entrepreneurial experience
  • MSc. Industrial Engineering and Management


Ziggy Tangle: Content Creator & Community Manager

Ziggy Tangle, family father and bon vivant. He has a fabled history for setting up new projects and uses all his abilities to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Years of experience in practice-oriented research and consulting have helped him build a large network in the environmental sector. With projects to avoid marine pollution high on his list, it is no surprise that he instantaneously volunteered as an ambassador for the TangleSea.

Another of his passions lies in the open society of the IOTA community. The decentralized approach immediately cast a spell over him and as a result he has already launched several projects in the Tangle space.

Now, with the opening of the TangleSea Tavern on the southern slope of the Tangler Reef, his lifelong dream has come true.

Visit Ziggy to get some good vibes and immerse yourself in the great freedom of the TangleSea.

  • +15 years project management and consultant experience
  • Master of Engineering and Master of Science


Cedric: Full Stack Developer / Smart Contracts

Cedric loves tech as much as he loves a cool fresh Bavarian beer. A full-stack developer by heart, he manages the dark-side of the TangleSea reef and keeps the backend up and running.

Whether it’s a smart contract, a microservice, or the deployment pipeline, he is constantly tapping away at the keyboard as fast as he can. With several years of experience in the industry and a founder of two companies, he knows what matters in the beginning: Passion and commitment.

  • +20 years professional industry (Fortune 50 Company)
  • Co-Founder of two startups
  • MSc. in Computer and Information Sciences

Gizmo Tangle: Full Stack Developer / Architect

Gizmo Tangle is a cute but dangerous full-stack deep sea developer who can look back on 20 years of development know-how.

Dr. Tangle and he have a long history of working together, sometimes it even feels like they are brothers. Gizmo Tangle spends most of his time customizing the frontend while having endless discussions with Dr. Tangle over the functional design, down to the last line of code.

Although he is a developer at heart, Gizmo never ignores questions about the overall architecture and is always on the lookout for cool new features to make the TangleSea even better.

  • +20 years professional industry experience (Fortune 50 Company)
  • BSc. Computer and Information Sciences

Billy Tangle: Full Stack Developer / Infrastructure

What would the Deep TangleSea be without a connection to the outside world? Nothing, a dark unknown place, deeply hidden under the sea’s surface.

Thanks to Billy the TangleSea can communicate with the human world in the first place. He is an infrastructure specialist like the world has never seen. Without him, nothing in the reef would work. Whether it’s installing a WASP node or simply tweaking the CI/CD build pipeline. Billy is the man of the hour, always on duty 24 hours a day to keep everything running smoothly in the TangleSea.

  • +10 years of professional industry experience
  • MSc. Computer and Information Sciences

and many more….

Please note, we’ve only highlighted the core founding team. We have dozens of other colleagues behind the scenes helping us to build the world of the deep TangleSea.

We are sincerely grateful for each and every one of you ❤️

Why is the team staying anonymous?

We noticed that the question was asked why we as a team remain anonymous for the time being. As you can see on the profiles above, we are a professional team and each of us has both feet firmly on the ground. We definitely do not need to hide. But some of us have families with children and sensitive jobs in the industry, and we want to protect these!

Our engagement, determination, and work will speak for itself. We believe strongly that TangleSea’s greatest strength is the community that surrounds it. If we see the need to go public to expand the project, we will do so in the future.

Join us:

We look forward to building with all of you and are happy to stay in contact through our socials!





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