New TangleSea Core Team Members

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3 min readApr 21, 2022


Our TangleSea Family has been quietly growing over the past months and weeks. Today we are excited to introduce to you our newest members to the team. Each one bringing unique skills and strengths to the team, that will help bring TangleSea to life:

TangleTony: Full Stack Developer

TangleTony is a full-stack developer octopus who enjoys getting his eight tentacles dirty in all sorts of different technologies.

Here in the calm waters of the TangleSea he spends most of his time freshening up the frontend by moving around millions of shiny pixels to the right places.

+10 years professional industry experience Computer and Information Sciences

tangleben: Design Lead

Armed to the teeth with passion for design and crypto, tangleben is perfectly equipped for the job as the lead designer for TangleSea and ShimmerSea.

With only one eye seeing, he still has everything in view! Most don’t know, but in reality tangleben with his eight tentacles pulls the strings behind everything in the cryptospace!

An OG degen with skills!

+5 years as Lead Designer at a Fortune 500 Company

No education, dropout, self-taught

Tangle Lion: Marketing Lead

Tangle Lion is in charge of the deep sea marketing efforts for better traction and a full funnel. Just like its annoyingly bright colour, he wants the TangleSea projects to gain the maximum amount of attention and reach their full potential as quickly as possible. Take flight little octopi! ✈️

Tangle Lion has been leading marketing campaigns for several different brands for the past 10 years. Additionally, he founded his own company as a side project 2 years ago.

+10 years professional industry experience

BA in Marketing Management

rottixTangle: Social Media- & Graphic Design

rottixTangle is a curious and energetic octopus who just found his way into the depths of the TangleSea. He was fascinated right away and knew he definitely had to stay.

In addition to his enthusiasm for innovative and disruptive technologies, rottixTangle is always striving to come up with cool graphics and great content to build a strong brand and drive the TangleSea community forward across all channels. With experience in the global film and television production industry, rottixTangle knows how to grab attention and convey a story through modern and effective designs, making him a perfect fit for the TangleSea Core Team.

+5 years professional industry experience (Fortune 500 Company)

BA in Media Production

Please note, we’ve only highlighted the new core team members here. We feel blessed to have the support of dozens of other tanglers behind the scenes, managing our channels, advising us in decision making and pushing our socials! You really Rock!

We are sincerely grateful for each and every one of you ❤️.



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