New TangleSea Core Team Members

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2 min readOct 3, 2022

Our TangleSea Family is building and building. With the launch of our first DEX, ShimmerSea, around the corner we are excited to welcome our newest Core Team Members! Both bringing unique skills and strengths to the team, that will help grow our dApps!

Alpha: Business Development

Alpha loves to speak in third-person singular about himself, as any true degenerate does. Being 70% ape & 30% octopus, Alpha’s true passion is all about money and, since recently, DeFi.

With his 10+ years of experience in successfully running his own businesses, it’s natural for him to join TangleSea’s Business Development department.

If you are a project building on IOTA, don’t be surprised if he slides in your DMs pretty soon.

Jusu: Community Manager

You will find Jusu in the main reef road of the TangleSea. He will be greeting fellow Tanglers and bringing the reef to life. Video games are close to one of three hearts of Jusu, along with nature and helping others. Jusu likes to listen so his chat is always open for you.

+7 years experience of working with people and building communities
+Person of the year 2006 -Time magazine
+Can cook 3 minute noodles in 2:45 minute

Please note, we’ve only highlighted the new core team members here. We feel blessed to have the support of dozens of other tanglers behind the scenes, managing our channels, advising us in decision making and pushing our socials! You really Rock!

We are sincerely grateful for each and every one of you.❤️



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