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2 min readMar 30, 2022

It is time to talk about DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). As you might have seen in our Discord, TangleSea will be governed in a DAO structure. This is important to us, because it allows the community, you, not only to have a voice in the decision making of the team, but an active stake in the platforms, which will be governed by the TangleSea DAO.

What will be part of the TangleSea DAO?

At its heart will be our TangleSea DEX, however, TangleSea is aiming to build an entire ecosystem of dApps on IOTA that will enable other teams to test and grow their ideas. For this the team has currently committed to build 3 dApps:

ShimmerSea DEX built on the Shimmer Network, IOTA’s staging network. ShimmerSea will be available first and will allow projects to launch their tokens and liquidity pools to test the waters first. In terms of positioning, ShimmerSea is therefore more playful in its appearance to underline the experimental nature of the projects that are launching on this DEX and ecosystem. ShimmerSea will be for everyone who wants to get started early in the game.

TangleBridge between the Shimmer Network and Assembly Network. TangleBridge will serve as a path for projects that launched on Shimmer, to mature and scale to the Assembly Network. In terms of positioning, TangleBridge is tailored to small and medium sized projects that may not have the support of the large crypto bridges for their projects.

TangleSea DEX built on the Assembly Network. TangleSea will be our main DEX and aims to offer a clean and classic experience that is tailored to attract private as well as institutional investors and users. It will therefore focus on matured tokens that have already been validated either on Shimmer or on other networks before.

These 3 dApps are only the beginning to enable the ecosystem to grow. However, our vision is to combine all three of the current dApps and possible future dApps into one DAO, the TangleSea DAO. The clear purpose of the TangleSea DAO is to support and develop dApps that will accelerate the growth of the IOTA ecosystem.

How can I participate in the DAO?

In the future you will be able to obtain the governance tokens of the TangleSea DAO by simply participating on our dApps like ShimmerSea and TangleSea. However, more information about voting mechanisms, our governance structure and token will be shared at a later stage.

Currently you can participate in our community by joining our discord:discord.gg/GgEBzJur3



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